Patient balances have tripled in the past few years and are now a critical source of revenue for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies.

Unlike other billing and payment platforms, we're the leading end-to-end solution focused on these complex financial challenges.

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Higher Collection Rates

  • Integrate into an RCM’s existing infrastructure

  • Statement alignment with a patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

  • Insights into propensity-to-pay

  • Custom online and print statements

  • Analytics to increase collection rates

  • Flexible payment options


Reduce Patient Calls

  • Reduce the number of inbound calls by up 60% of your current volume

  • Reduce call center costs

  • Increase payments and collect faster

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Overview of your customers on a simple dashboard

Complete Overview of Your Customers

  • Leading end-to-end patient payment platform

  • Comprehensive dashboard

  • Integrate into your current workflow


Integrates Into Workflow

  • Send an 837 or statement file to PatientPay

  • Patients that have an email address or mobile phone receive an electronic notification

  • Patients who prefer bills by USPS get a clean and easy to understand statement

  • Funds are sent to your client's financial institution

  • An 835 is sent by PatientPay automatically reconciling these funds

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Paying with a credit card

Collect In Advance or at Time of Service

  • PatientPay AdvanceSM gives patients the option of paying a portion, or all of their financial obligation before they arrive
  • PatientPay NowSM gives patients the same option when they are present
  • Both PatientPay Advance and PatientPay Now can connect to your estimation solution

Insight Into Your Data

  • Become smarter with your billing process
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Targeted for payment strategies
  • Insights into response rates and overall collections
  • Better forecast your cash flow.
Cost savings and efficiency

Cost Savings and Efficiency

  • Improve the financial relationship between specialty care providers and their patients
  • Save up to 50% on collected payments
  • Reduce your call volume, mailing, processing and reconciliation costs
  • Eliminate errors and payments posted to the oldest balance due

We Get Paid When You Do

PatientPay employs a pay-for-performance model just like you, which means that if a patient doesn’t pay their bill, then we don’t collect a fee. To be a true partner we share in the risk and that means that when you succeed, we succeed.


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