Higher Response Rates

Patients remit their financial obligations to their healthcare providers up to three times more than the industry standard for medical groups and hospitals alike. And once collected, PatientPay automatically posts those payments to the proper balances in your system, just like your insurance payments. Not only do we collect more payments but we also eliminate the time-consuming and manual steps without disrupting your workflow so your staff is happier and so are your patients.

Faster Payments


PatientPay’s solutions can get you paid faster, reducing the payment cycle on average to less than 14 days. A key reason is our statements align the actual charges with a patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB). That clarity eliminates confusion about what is owed. What’s more, we provide omni-channel delivery of statements to the patient so they can receive and pay their financial obligations in their preferred way. More important, 75% of PatientPay’s electronic statements are paid once they’re opened.

Reduced Costs

PatientPay cuts the expense to capture payments in half by reducing call volume, paper, postage and  effort associated with having to reconcile traditional paper statements.


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