Higher Collection Rates

PatientPay enables medical groups to collect up to 3.5 times more payments, while cutting the time to get paid to less than 14 days. In addition, PatientPay automatically posts payments to the proper balances in your system just like your insurance payments. It eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone manual steps so your process is easier and speedier for your staff and more satisfying for your patients.

Better Patient Experience


Swift bill preparation, distribution and utterly clear presentation of patient bills provides positive patient engagement compared to the slow delivery and confusion with traditional paper bills. What's even better is our providers save up to $4.00 per payment collected while still providing great patient engagement.

Raise Patient Satisfaction

Patients who understand what they are being charged pay more quickly and more loyal to you. PatientPay's statements are the only ones that match your charges line-by-line with an insurance company's Explanation of Benefits.

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