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PatientPay Advance

Collecting payments before the patient arrives for their care.

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PatientPay Now

Collecting payments while the patient is present

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PatientPay Complete

Collecting payments after the patient has received their care


Better Results for Everyone

PatientPay’s bills reconciles patient charges with the insurer's explanation of benefits eliminating confusion. More than 75% of patients who use PatientPay pay their bills after viewing them, which means your organization gets paid more and faster after care is delivered.

PatientPay is easy and convenient for me. I liked the ease of not having to create an extensive account entering tons of unnecessary information just to make a payment.
— Libbie Hudson, Patient

Multiple payment options, omnichannel

Omnichannel Payment Options

The best way to get paid is to make it easy for the patient to pay you in a way that's most convenient. That’s why we give your patients the option of receiving and paying their financial obligations electronically or by innovative statements delivered by the mail. PatientPay let's patients pay your bills the way they want, which research shows means they'll pay you more quickly.


Time Efficient. Cost Effective.

You can save up to 50% with PatientPay on every payment collected over traditional paper based billing methods. Bills that make sense to a patient dramatically reduces your call volume, mailing, processing and reconciliation costs.  There’s no data to manually enter into your billing system and it automatically posts to the correct charges eliminating daily calls with payments are posted to the oldest balance due. The result is you use less resources and, become more efficient because you’re using the same method you use to process your insurance payments so there are no workflow changes required.


Simple to Use

PatientPay is incredibly intuitive. It is embedded in your billing software and your staff will not have to change their workflow. Dedicated PatientPay Success Managers help you at each step and what's more, auto-posting just like your insurance payments, means quicker and more accurate record keeping and no more payments posting to the oldest balance.



Highest Level of Security

PatientPay complies with Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards, the highest standard for credit card processors. This means you and your patients are shielded from many of the liability concerns that arise when using a non-compliant card processor. PatientPay is also HIPAA compliant.


Go Green!

By eliminating paper bills, envelopes and postage you help your bottom line and the environment. You'll free up space in your office, use fewer resources and the planet (and many of your patients) will thank you! A healthcare group that sends out 10,000 patient statements a month using PatientPay can save the equivalent of 32 acres, or 24 football fields covered with trees.