Better Patient Experience

PatientPay reconciles patient charges with the insurer's explanation of benefits eliminating confusion. More than 75% of patients who use PatientPay pay their bills after viewing them, which means your organization gets paid more and faster. 

Once your patient’s claim is adjudicated by their insurance company, PatientPay collects your patient payments on average in less than 14 days. Further evidence shows patients happy with their financial experience pay sooner. Importantly, the PatientPay process lets you collect with greater success; 3.5 times greater than the industry standard.

Even better, happy patients not only pay their bills in full but 95% are more likely to remain loyal to a given physician versus only 58% of their counterparts who provided a bad financial experience. And with fewer questions from patients, the burden on central billing offices is reduced. Better for them. Better for you. 

PatientPay is easy and convenient for me. I liked the ease of not having to create an extensive account entering tons of unnecessary information just to make a payment.
— Libbie Hudson, Patient