When it comes to collecting patient payments you hear a lot of promises. Our solution is different--and we don't get paid unless you get paid.  And our results speak for themselves.

Our online collection success rate is up to 2x higher than the industry standard, and our average payment turnaround is just 14 days.


End-to-End Billing and Payment Solutions

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Advance: Collecting payments before the patient arrives for their care.

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Now: Collecting payments while the patient is present.

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Connect: Collecting payments after the patient has received their care.

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Your Partner in Billing and Payments

Unlike other payment platforms, we’re the only end-to-end solution focused on the complex financial challenges of specialty care. We listen to your unique billing and collection challenges, and only then provide customized patient payment solutions that are right for you.

PatientPay has revolutionized our business; moving us from manual to electronic statement processing at a fair cost. Our families love the convenience and security of paying through PatientPay’s web-based system. We love the reliable and time-saving process of outbound invoicing and inbound posting. And, to top it all off, their customer service, both to the business and end user, is bar none. Our business has grown leaps and bounds, in part due to our relationship with PatientPay.
— Holly, All About Speech and Language, Tampa, FL

Multi-channel Billing and Payment Options


Time Efficient. Cost Effective.

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  • Improve the financial relationship between specialty care providers and their patients

  • Save up to 50% on collected payments

  • Reduce your call volume, mailing, processing and reconciliation costs

  • Eliminate errors and payments posted to the oldest balance due

  • No workflow changes required

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A Better Solution

  • Integrate into a medical group or RCM’s existing infrastructure

  • Statement alignment with patient EOBs

  • Insights into a patient’s propensity-to-pay

  • Custom online and print statements

  • Analytics to continuously improve collection strategies.


Highest Level of Security and Compliance



Go Green!

A healthcare group that sends out 10,000 patient statements a month using PatientPay can save the equivalent of 32 acres, or 24 football fields covered with trees.

Go Green with PatientPay