Reduce Patient Calls

PatientPay can reduce the number of inbound calls by up 60% of your current volume. That’s because patients understand the bill and PatientPay is intuitive to use so they won’t need to call before paying their bill. Reduce call center costs, increase payments and collect faster...You can with PatientPay.


PatientPay Connect

PatientPay ConnectSM eliminates the need to access each healthcare group’s system to administer client patient payments. And it’s the only solution with no impact on your current workflow.


Is PatientPay Connect Right for You?


No Impact to Workflow

  • All your healthcare clients send an 837 to PatientPay just like sending a claim to the insurance company so no workflow changes for them or you.
  • For patients that have an email address, we will send them an electronic statement using PatientPay PaperlessSM and connect to your existing paper vendor for those that don’t have an email.
  • The patient simply clicks “Pay Now” on the statement to pay their bill, at which time funds are sent to your client’s financial institution and an 835 is sent by PatientPay, automatically reconciling these funds just like your insurance payments.

Collect at Time of Service

Many of your healthcare clients are looking for a simple way to collect payments from their patients before they leave the office. PatientPay NowSM gives patients the option of paying all or set up a payment plan for their financial obligation to the provider with a clear, easy to read statement of charges. What’s more, it helps improve cash flow and reduce the cost of collection.


Keep Your Statement Vendor

If a patient does not have an email address on file, we will send a formatted file to your statement vendor(s) who will deliver the paper bill just like they do today. And if you want us to handle that too, we are happy to do it.



Insight Into Your Data

We help you understand the most critical components of your billing process. Our customizable dashboards let you see how quickly you’re getting paid and how much you’re saving using PatientPay Connect.


Cost Savings and Efficiency

While RCM Connect does not impact your workflow, it does have a great impact on other aspects of your business. Medical groups and hospitals using our solution are seeing payment in under 14 days after adjudication using PatientPay Paperless, and are saving up to $4.00 on every patient payment.


We Get Paid When You Do

PatientPay employs a pay-for-performance model just like you, which means that if a patient doesn’t pay their bill then we don’t collect a fee. To be a true partner we share in the risk and that means that when we succeed, you succeed.