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Higher Collection Rates

Our unique platform allows PatientPay to easily integrate into an RCM’s existing infrastructure, so it’s a natural workflow for the billing staff. We offer statement alignment with a patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB), insights into a patient’s propensity-to-pay, custom online and print statements, and analytics to continuously increase collection rates. Patients are also given flexible payment options -- choices that have proven to increase patient remittances.



Reduce Patient Calls

PatientPay can reduce the number of inbound calls by up 60 percent of your current volume. This is because patients understand their statements as they clearly state what they owe and why. Reduce call center costs, increase payments and collect faster.


Complete Overview of Your Customers

PatientPay is the leading end-to-end patient payment platform administering client patient payments and providing a comprehensive dashboard. It’s the only solution to integrate into your current workflow as it’s designed to work within your current system.


Integrated Into Your Workflow

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Your organization sends an 837 to PatientPay just like sending a claim to the insurance company so there are no workflow changes.

For patients that have an email address or mobile phone, we will send them an electronic notification that they have a bill. Patients who prefer receiving bills in the mail get a clean and easy to understand statement. PatientPay connects to your existing paper vendor or can send statements for you.

Once the patient remits payment, the funds are sent to your client’s financial institution and an 835 is sent by PatientPay, automatically reconciling these funds just like your insurance payments.


Collect in Advance or at Time of Service

Many of your healthcare clients are looking for a simple way to collect more payments from their patients either before they come for their appointment or before they leave the office. PatientPay AdvanceSM and PatientPay NowSM give patients the option of paying a portion or all of their financial obligation in advance or at the time of service. It also allows the opportunity to establish a payment plan using a clear, easy to read statement of charges. Both PatientPay Advance and PatientPay Now can connect to your estimation solution for seamless integration.


Insight Into Your Data

We help you become smarter with your billing process. Our customizable dashboards let you see who can, and should be targeted for payments, as well as response rates, overall collections and how quickly you’re collecting your payments.This intelligence allows your billing office to be more aware of your patient population and helps you better forecast your cash flow.


Cost Savings and Efficiency

While PatientPay does not impact your workflow, it does have a great impact on the most important aspects of your billing office. PatientPay’s online collection success rate is two times higher than the industry standard and our average payment turnaround is 14 days. In fact, more than 75 percent of patients using our digital platform pay their bills after reviewing their statement.


We Get Paid When You Do

PatientPay employs a pay-for-performance model just like you, which means that if a patient doesn’t pay their bill, then we don’t collect a fee. To be a true partner we share in the risk and that means that when you succeed, we succeed.