Your Bill From PatientPay


Understanding Your Bill

After seeing your doctor, the medical group submitted information about the visit to your insurance carrier. This included any payments (like a co-pay) that you made while in there. Once the insurance carrier determined there was still a portion of the visit that was your responsibility, your medical provider was informed that they needed to collect the remaining amount from you.

Your provider sent PatientPay the information which is the statement you received from us. Included on that statement is a line-by-line description of the charges from your healthcare provider which match perfectly with the explanation of benefits you received from your insurance carrier. In addition, you will also see any payments that you made have been deducted from your total amount due.

If you have questions about the services performed or the charges you should contact your medical provider. That  information can be found on your bill. If you have other questions about the bill please feel free to contact us directly by clicking the button below.Your medical group uses PatientPay to help you more easily understand your charges and remit payment to their office.



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