Today thousands of patients are paying their healthcare bills online using PatientPay. We wanted to share some of their thoughts about the experience.

"Awesome! So much easier than trying to find a checkbook and a stamp. :)" - Bob W.

"Great experience and very easy! I like the PAID green color at the end. Nice user experience." - Jenny S.


"I LOVE IT!!! My information is right there and I can print a copy for my insurance claims instead of waiting for a receipt in the mail." - Carmen Z.

"This is the most time-efficient pay apps. Four digits click and done. Great." - Meghan A.

"OH HELLS YES! By which I mean: your product is great! I was done paying so quickly I had to go back ten minutes later and make sure I really did make my payment. Thanks to the email confirm, that was easy to check. :) You rocked it with this tool, thanks!" - Timothy D.

"Loved it! Patient pay is so easy to use, and it reminded me that I had a payment due! In my busy life, that makes things a lot more convenient!" - Melissa H.


"Very easy and fast. Way better than getting the bill through the mail." - Eric B.

"This method was by far the easiest way to pay a bill that I have ever used!!!" - James K.


"I think PatientPay is an easy and convenient way to keep track of my medical bills and make sure I am submitting all payments on time." - Tanya B.

"Supremely easy to use. Makes me feel good despite the bills I need to pay!" - David B.

"That was a super quick and easy process. No fuss. And I appreciate all the email communications that make me sure that payment went through" - Beverly N.


"Thank you for the convenience and the option to pay out the balance. Very organized and easier to keep up with my bills due. Thanks again for this service." - Ryan L.

"Very easy and fast. Way better than getting the bill through the mail." - Kaitlyn J.


"Patient Pay is very easy and convenient to use. I appreciate knowing exactly what I am paying for and the ease to which I can view all of my bills at once." - Jimmy P.