Patient balances have tripled in the last few years and are now a critical source of revenue for radiology groups. PatientPay is the leading end-to-end solution focused on the complex financial challenges of radiology services. And because their patient billing challenges are unique, we offer more than a generic billing solution.


Unique Challenge for Radiology Services

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Since most patients rarely meet their radiologist, they often are unaware that there is a separate charge for this service. PatientPay works with your central billing office to provide bills that clearly state what a patient owes and why.


Aligns with the Explanation of Benefits

Patients who understand what they are being charged pay more quickly and won't burden your staff with unnecessary communication. PatientPay's statements align your charges, line-by-line with their insurance carrier's Explanation of Benefits (EOB) which helps drive collection rates.


Payment Plans that Work

Many patients need the flexibility to pay their bill when it's due. When your billing office offers flexible payment options, patients have choices that will increase collections. We make it easy for everyone, as future charges are made automatically because we have card on file. No need for patients to login every time and no need for you to send statements or reminders.


Enhanced Patient Experience

The patient experience extends long after they leave the facility. Patients are given the opportunity to understand their bill more fully with PatientPay. Bills clearly state what they owe and why which helps to boost patient satisfaction scores.


Greater Billing Efficiency

Our unique approach allows PatientPay to integrate into a central billing office’s existing infrastructure preserving it’s natural workflow. PatientPay automatically reconciles right into your billing software so there's no manual entry or errors. With the savings on paper, postage, reduced call volume and processing, our radiology groups save up to 50 percent on each payment collected.


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Faster Payments

PatientPay lets you get bills out quicker so patients get them right away. And you get paid faster. Radiology groups that use PatientPay get paid on average in 14 days, significantly faster than they are being paid today.


Technology That Works for You

Changing from processes that have worked for years can be challenging. PatientPay makes it easy as you won't have to change any of your processes to change from a manual to automated billing process. With dashboards to help you measure your progress and 99.99% uptime, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.