Our patients and families have been asking for paperless billing and payment solutions for years. With PatientPay, we finally found a cost-effective, user-friendly way to meet that demand. PatientPay has shortened our collection cycle, reduced our printing costs, and helped us keep up with the expectations of increasingly smart-phone-reliant customers!
— Gery Lee, Greenwood Pediatrics

Raise Patient Satisfaction

Patients who understand what they are being charged pay more quickly and have a better perception of your practice. PatientPay's statements match your charges line-by-line with their insurance carrier's Explanation of Benefits.

PatientPay answers your patients' demands for an easy-to-use online bill pay solution that they can understand. Let your patients pay you the way that is most convenient for them, and for over 70% of consumers, that way is online.


Perfect for Pediatrics

PatientPay's pediatric practices have an average bill size of $55.00. This means about 11%, or $5.91 goes towards collecting the bill using traditional paper based methods (more than 2x the cost of PatientPay).


Moms Prefer Online Bills

More than 70% of consumers are interested in paying their healthcare bills online, although over 98% of bills are sent by mail. Millennials who grew up on the internet and mobile technologies, are the new young parents that visit pediatricians on average 7x a year. That is a lot of bills being sent by paper to patients who don't really want it.


Many Children, One Account

Every family's kids are under one account with PatientPay which makes it easy for the parents to accurately know all of the bills they are responsible for. Each visit's statement matches perfectly with the EOB and the date of service, so everyone is clear on what the charges are and which child was treated.


Greater Billing Efficiency

PatientPay automatically reconciles right into your software so there's no manual entry or errors. With the savings on paper, postage and processing our providers save up to 50% on each payment collected.


Increased Profitability

PatientPay lets you get bills out quicker so patients get them right away. And you get paid faster. Providers that use PatientPay get paid on average in less than 14 days, which is a tenth as long as a typical payment cycle of a paper bill.