What is PatientPay?
(and why did you send me a bill)

PatientPay is the easy to use patient billing andpayment solution your doctor uses to bill you after you have visited. The bill provided to you is an easy-to-read summation of your visit with a line-by-line view of all your charges. These charges will match up perfectly with the Explanation of Benefits you have received from your insurance carrier.

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Exact Match with the Explanation of Benefits

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Perhaps you've already made a co-pay in the office or at the hospital. When your financial obligation is determined by your insurance carrier they will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) which outlines what you've already paid, what portion of the bill they will cover, and what, if anything, you still owe your healthcare provider. The statement you receive from PatientPay will match what you get from your insurance carrier so you know the bill is accurate and you can feel confident remitting payment.


Highest Level of Security

PatientPay is PCI Level 1 compliant, we have been certified by third party auditors that we keep your personal and banking information secure just like your bank or credit card company. We are also HIPAA compliant making sure your medical information is safe as well.


Simplified Emails

The email you receive from us is branded with the name of the healthcare provider or hospital you visited (oftentimes you'll recognize their logo), so you know that it's a valid email. The other information you'll see on the email is the date the bill is due and the amount that's owed. Any additional information will be found once you click "View Your Bill" and login to the secure portal.

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Clear Billing

The bill you receive from us on behalf of your healthcare provider is designed to be easy to understand. You'll see a line-by-line accounting of all the charges as well as what you have already paid (like a co-pay), how much is owed to your provider and how much time you have to pay the bill. We have also provided contact information for your provider in case you have any questions.


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