Tom Furr Interview for Doctor Freedom Podcast

This week Tom Furr was interviewed by David Denniston, a Certified Financial Planner who client base is entirely made up of physicians. On this Financial Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast, he and Tom discuss the number one issue identified by physicians, reimbursements.

In David’s own words…”I recently took a survey of physicians. In that survey, one of the questions I asked was, what is your biggest financial concern? Time and time again, physician after physician answered one word….Reimbursements.”

 “We all know how reimbursements are under pressure. The government is becoming more and more stingy. Requirements through EMR systems like ICD-10 are stressing us out.Then, on top of that, keep track of cash flow has been like a cat chasing its tail, a hamster running on a wheel.It feels so frustrating!”

During the discussion, Tom acknowledges the reality of the financial pressures providers face and explains how PatientPay Paperless can help to alleviate some of the issues.

Highlights of the podcast include:

  • How a late bill inspired him to start PatientPay;
  • How indecipherable bills slow down reimbursements; and,
  • How physicians can generate cash flow more quickly and speed up reimbursements.

To listen to the podcast online or download click here.