Dallas Medical Group Reduces Billing Costs with PatientPay

Pediatric Associates of Dallas Finds PatientPay Costs   59 Percent Less than Paper

Dallas (December 2, 2015) -- Changes in healthcare have forced doctors
across America to closely examine the business side of their practices.
In particular, the expansion of high deductible health plans (HDHPs) have
changed who doctors look to for their money.

Before HDHPs, doctors could reasonably expect more than 90 percent of
their revenue from insurers to be paid within two weeks. Now that’s
shifted to 50 percent which means half of their revenue is now coming
from the patient.

Medical groups that have reduced account receivables and billing costs
have turned to a paperless payment solution from PatientPay. One such
group is Pediatric Associates of Dallas, with offices in the Dallas
MetroPlex. “We normally pay $2,400 per month on statements.  This past
month after using PatientPay for the first time our bill was $1,700.
Wonderful news,” said Maria Guerra, the practice’s business office

Pediatric Associates of Dallas’ cost to produce a paper bill has been
cut by 59 percent, or up to $4.00 per payment collected with PatientPay.
Savings are actually greater because using the paper method meant three
monthly statements would need to be issued before any payment was made,
reports the MGMA, a organization of medical office professionals. Now
Pediatric Associates of Dallas provides bills online that are clear and
with the PatientPay exclusive feature that matches charges with
Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

“I founded PatientPay because doctors’ bills need to be as easy and
convenient to pay as cable or electricity bills and be available online
which is the way most other bills are paid today ,” said Tom Furr,

PatientPay’s CEO. “Our healthcare payment solutions give medical
groups a way to better control business expenses and give patients bills
they can understand in a secure, compliant environment. Pediatric
Associates of Dallas is just one of the many groups across the U.S. that
are seeing the value in PatientPay, not only for them but for their
patients too.”

The process begins when Pediatric Associates of Dallas sends an email,
instead of a paper statement, to a patient alerting them that there’s a
bill due.  The online bill is accessed and, in most cases, paid
immediately. PatientPay reports more than 7 out of 10 people using its
service pay the bill after they see it. This results in practices getting
paid on average in under 14 days, more than 10 times faster than with a
traditional paper statement.

About PatientPay e-billing

To view a video that explains the benefits of PatientPay’s e-billing
service click here:

About PatientPay

PatientPay creates patient payment solutions that help patients,
practices and hospitals and revenue cycle management services better
control expenses in today’s healthcare environment.

Its solutions yield greater operational and financial efficiency for
healthcare providers while giving patients a simple way to manage their
healthcare-related financial obligations. The billing, payment and
reporting services are HIPAA and PCI Level 1 compliant and eliminate
time-intensive, error-prone, manual back-end efforts to process and
reconcile paper bills or manage a traditional online portal.

PatientPay was founded in 2008 to bring to healthcare consumers the same
type of payment solutions they use in retail and e-commerce environments.
In 2012 PatientPay was granted three patents (U.S. Patent Nos. 8,155,983,
8,204,764 and 8,214,233) for its innovative process that underpins its
solutions, which can be integrated with any healthcare management

The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.  For more
information, please visit www.patientpay.com or call (888) 730-9374.