Atlanta-based Pediatrics Group Adds Unique Capability to Benefit their Patients

Kids First Pediatrics Group Offers PatientPay's Online Billing and Payment Solution

Atlanta, GA (April 15, 2014) – Patients in the Atlanta area now have an easy and secure way to pay their healthcare bills online. Kids First Pediatrics Group has added PatientPay's electronic billing and payment solution to its practice.

The Kids First Pediatrics Group has integrated PatientPay with their existing practice management system (Greenway PrimeSUITE). One of the many benefits of this solution is the front desk team only has to capture emails in PrimeSUITE for it to automatically send standard insurance claims to PatientPay if a patient balance is due. PatientPay handles all aspects of patient balances including billing, capturing payments and providing a standard ERA back to Kids First that automatically posts and reconciles back into Greenway's PrimeSUITE just like any insurance payment. All of this is made possible via the integration between PatientPay and Greenway.

"Healthcare billing and balance management today is about efficiency and cost-effectiveness for all involved," said Anika Potts, Kids First Pediatrics Group's Office Manager. "Until recently, a crucial part of what we do was antiquated; patient bills and statements were paper and most of the accounting and analysis was done manually, which meant more time and more errors."

"Now, by adding PatientPay, paper-based billing and manual reconciliation is truly a thing of the past," Potts said. "In fact, to the delight of the patients we serve, their bills are available in a highly secure online environment in a clear, easy to understand format, which is how they prefer to receive them."

Recent research conducted by the United States Postal Service and Citibank determined that a growing majority of Americans prefer to get their bills online as the days of consumers who pile up paper bills to pay them once or twice a month by writing out checks appears to be over. Related research found that there's an additional consequence for healthcare professionals using paper bills because they're often difficult to understand, the consumer doesn't pay until a satisfactory explanation is provided.

"The tendency of consumers to 'slow pay' or 'no pay' healthcare bills puts a stress on medical practices just as it does on any small business," Potts observes. "By using PatientPay, we're able to help our practice reduce their accounts receivables and better manage the success and survival for the long-term; something that is particularly important as the shift to high deductible health plans becomes more common."

PatientPay eliminates the costly and complicated paper-based billing method used by the overwhelming majority of healthcare providers, drives down the expense and drives up the productivity associated with this activity by up to 50%. Since PatientPay reduces the time to payment in half, healthcare professionals realize improved cash flow and reduced accounts receivables. In addition, PatientPay is a service that is offered to their patients free of charge.

"Kids First is an intensely service-oriented practice that is committed to bringing solutions and services to its patients that make a real difference in how they interact with their doctors," said Tom Furr, CEO of PatientPay. "We are pleased and proud to have been selected by them to bring the advantages and benefits of online bill pay to the patients they serve who are looking to pay their healthcare bills online."

About Kids First Pediatrics Group

Kids First Pediatrics Group is located in Atlanta, GA. We pledge to care for your children in a medical setting you will always consider as your pediatric home. Our comprehensive healthcare encompasses the physical, spiritual and mental well being of your child from newborn to adolescence. To reach Kids First Pediatrics Group please call 678-593-2030.

About PatientPay

PatientPay is a patented, cloud-based service for physician groups and their patients to process and manage bills and balances. It handles the time-intensive, complicated and expensive process in minutes not days, at half the cost and with less risk than legacy paper-based payments or online payment portals.

PatientPay, based in Durham, North Carolina, reaches more than 30,000 healthcare providers through its current network of Practice Management Software partners. The online service can integrate with any Practice Management Software to offer a complete online solution that automates billing, collections and posting of patient payments. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-730-9374.