Zepherella Rebrands As PatientPay

Shift Emphasizes Focus on its Innovative Online Billing Service for Healthcare Providers

DURHAM, N.C. (September 28, 2012) - Zepherella, the innovator in paperless billing and electronic payment processing for the healthcare industry, today announced it has changed its corporate name to PatientPayTM, the same as its patented online service that manages and processes patient balances for healthcare providers.

"The motivation to make this branding move was a desire to convey an absolute clarity of purpose to our partners, physicians, patients and investors," said Tom Furr, PatientPay's CEO. "From our founding in 2008, the focus has been on providing the healthcare industry with an innovative web-based service that performs faster, easier and at less cost than paper-based billing systems or traditional payment portals. That service is PatientPayTM. That is what we do; that is who we are."

Privately-held Zepherella served as the incubator from which the PatientPay service emerged. Its officers and directors continue to serve in their same capacities but now under the PatientPay corporate banner. The location of the company's headquarters will remain in Durham, North Carolina. The toll-free phone number for sales inquiries and customer service also remains the same, 1-888-730-9374, extension 709. Also, reflective of the branding shift, the URL of the company's web site is now www.patientpay.com.

About PatientPay

PatientPay is a patented, web-based service for physician groups and their patients to manage and process patient balances. It handles this time-intensive, complicated and expensive process in minutes not days, at half the cost and with less risk than paper-based payments or traditional online portals.

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, PatientPay is the leading provider of paperless billing and electronic patient payment processing services for the healthcare industry and is run by innovative executives with a record of producing market-creating solutions for the healthcare, information management and internet sectors. For more information, please visit www.patientpay.com or call 1-888-730-9374, extension 709.