Collect 3 Times More Patient Payments

More than a better bill, PatientPay is a better way to collect patient payments. Its collection success rate is up to 3 times better than traditional billing methods.


Save up to 50% on Every Payment

You can cut the average cost of creating, delivering, processing and reconciling a payment by up to 50% with PatientPay. PatientPay handles all credit, debit and HSA card processing fees, and provides a method for your patients to pay you the way they want.


Get Paid Faster

We know that getting paid by your patients is taking longer than ever, especially as more of your revenue comes from them. Medical groups that use PatientPay are seeing payments on average in under 14 days compared to the industry average of 90 to 120 days. This keeps less of your revenue in accounts receivables and collections, and gets more into your bank account.


Find out How to Get Paid More, Faster


Easy to Understand Bills

PatientPay provides patient statements that are easy to read and understand, written in language that makes sense to them. The bill clearly shows line-by-line, what the patient is being charged and what has already been paid such as co-pays or estimated payments. The bill also makes clear how much time the patient has to pay the bill which helps with quick remittance. PatientPay bills match line-by-line to the patient’s insurance explanation of benefits (EOB). Payments made by the patient are always up-to-date, reducing confusion when the bill arrives.


Collect in Your Office

Sometimes the best way to get paid is to collect payment before a patient arrives for their care or before they leave . Using PatientPay AdvanceSM and PatientPay NowSM, patients pay you before they come in, when they check in, or as they finish their appointment. This is also an opportunity to set up a payment plan if there will be any issues with completely satisfying their financial obligation.


Offer your patients many payment options


Payment Flexibility for Patients

Your patients want to pay you on time but sometimes they can’t afford to pay the whole bill all at once. Rather than wait for payment, make it easy for them to start paying you by offering a payment plan. These regularly scheduled payments are made automatically through PatientPay so there’s no additional work for you...or your patients. It’s a simple way to make sure that your cash flow stays on track and your patients stay happy.


Greater Patient Loyalty

More than ever before, your patients are customers. Today the patient experience goes beyond time in the waiting and exam rooms. They evaluate every interaction with your group. When your bills are easy to understand and have the clarity patients look for, they will pay faster and, more importantly, refer others.


How You Get Paid

Your patient payments are made using the same process you currently use to collect insurance claims so there is no change to your workflow. PatientPay can be listed as the primary, secondary or tertiary payer so after the insurance payment has been adjudicated, the statement from PatientPay goes out right away. Because PatientPay uses the same workflow your team is using today, it is quick and easy to learn, and payments auto-post directly to your software, saving even more time and money as well as avoiding errors that occur from posting to the oldest balance.


No Upfront Costs

None. PatientPay collects a fee only when a patient pays the bill; a small portion of the total amount collected that includes credit card and merchant processing fees. We are invested in your success!


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