Just completed the transaction. Emails were very easy to understand and the product was very easy to use. I really like the reminder feature.
— Barbara R., Patient

See How PatientPay Works


Patients Who Understand Their Bill Will Pay Their Bill

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Patients who understand what they are being charged pay more quickly and won't burden your staff with unnecessary communication. PatientPay's statements match your charges line-by-line with their insurance carrier's Explanation of Benefits.

This means faster payments, a lower cost to collect those payments and fewer bad debt write offs. PatientPay's technology is easy to use for both your staff and patients and will eliminate manual process for everyone resulting in an efficient operations and improved outcomes.


Perfect for Lab Services

Since most patients are unaware that there is a separate charge for lab services or why they are being charged, PatientPay's bill outlines the fees for services, line-by-line, so the patient knows what they are being charged, understand their obligation and can easily pay.


Payment Plans that Work

Many patients can't afford to make full payment on their bill when it's due (some weren't even expecting your bill). When your lab offers your patients payment plans, PatientPay will automatically deduct a fixed amount from their account every month. You don't need to send them a statement and they don't need to log on. Simple.


No Impact on Workflow

For patients that have an email address, we will send them an electronic statement using PatientPay Paperless and connect to your existing paper vendor for those that don’t have an email.

The patient simply clicks “Pay Now” on the statement to pay their bill, at which time funds are sent to your client’s financial institution and an 835 is sent by PatientPay, automatically reconciling these funds just like your insurance payments.


Multiple Payment Options

The best way to get paid is to make it easy for the patient to pay you in a way that's most convenient. In a recent study over 70% of patients want to pay their medical bills electronically but unfortunately over 87% of statements are delivered using paper. PatientPay let's patients pay your bills the way they want, which research shows means they'll pay you more quickly.


Increased ROI

Improved cash flow, reduced costs, and better financial outcomes lead to an increased ROI for your lab. PatientPay lets you get statements out quicker so patients get them right away. And you get paid faster.

Providers that use PatientPay get paid on average in less than 14 days, which is a tenth as long as a typical payment cycle of a paper bill which is still how most portals are still sending bills to patients.

Technology That Works for You

Changing from processes that have worked for years can be challenging. PatientPay makes it easy as you won't have to change any of your processes to change from a manual to automated billing process. With dashboards to help you measure your progress and 99.99% uptime, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.