PatientPay knows that true patient engagement extends across the entire patient experience, before they enter the hospital until they have long recovered from their procedures.


Automated reconciliation, just like your insurance payments, means no more posting of payments to the oldest balance, eliminating confusion from traditional billing methods.


Easy to use integrated bill pay solution with over 75% success rates once the bill is viewed.

According to Deloitte 70% of patients want electronic bill pay capabilities.

I really like the way this is set up! It’s super convenient and easy to use and understand. I have had an all around great experience and services with doctors, office and billing!
— Natalie R., Patient

Is PatientPay Right for Your Hospital?


Collect Before They Arrive or Leave

With PatientPay AdvanceSM and PatientPay NowSM, hospitals can easily collect from patients before they arrive for their appointments or at the time of service. No more long collection periods like today with traditional billing processes. PatientPay’s solutions show patients what they owe using the same easy to read format as they get with any of our post-service solutions. Patients have a better understanding of their financial obligations and are able to make full payment or be set up with a payment plan before leaving.


Easy to Understand Bills

The statements patients get from PatientPay are easy to read, understand and more importantly match up to the insurance explanation of benefits (EOB). The bill clearly shows line-by-line, what the patient is being charged and what has already been paid and courtesy adjustments. All payments made by the patient are always up-to-date, reducing confusion when PatientPay’s bill arrives.


All Bills in One Place

Patients and their family members who use PatientPay are able to access all of their statements in one convenient bill center for any providers using PatientPay whether their bill is for physicians or facilities charges. It is powerful tool for the patients to use PatientPay for reviewing all of their healthcare payments and eliminate confusion.



Help Your Patients Pay You Faster!


Payment Plans that Make Sense

Many times patients can’t afford to pay a large hospital bill all at once and so they’ll delay payment until they’ve saved up. Or worse just ignore it hoping it will go away. With PatientPay you can offer your patients payment plans that fit their budget so they can easily pay you over a specified period of time. These regularly scheduled payments are automatically charged so there’s no additional work for you.


Automated Reconciliation

PatientPay automatically reconciles patient payments and payment plans just like an insurance company, down to the line item. No more guessing about where to apply the patient payments or posting to the oldest balance, creating significant confusion for the patient.  When the patient pays you with PatientPay, you'll know exactly what they are paying for, and your physicians or facilities will be credited accurately.



Valuable Insights

We help you become smarter about your patient’s capabilities to pay a bill. Our customizable dashboards let you see who can and should be targeted for payments as well as those who are not as likely to be able to pay their bill. This intelligence allows your billing office to be more aware of your patient population for charity care purposes.


If You Work with an RCM...That's No Problem

PatientPay has flexible solutions that allow us to integrate directly into a hospital's system and be used by RCM companies. Our products work across all platforms and ensure a streamlined solution for both your central billing office and your patients regardless of whether they are being billed by an RCM company or internally.


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