PatientPay partners with First Data for payment gateway and statement printing

PatientPay now has a partnership with First Data for secure payment processing and cost-effective printing capabilities.

PatientPay clients will now have access to the First Data CardConnect ISV payment gateway, a highly secure way to process online and in-office payments. Specialty medical groups and RCM companies will benefit from competitive rates, full-transaction reporting and painless account activation.

PatientPay uniquely leverages easy-to-understand statements and digital billing to encourage patients to pay their bills quickly. In fact, we see a 70% click-to-pay rate on our digital statements. 35% of PatientPay bills are paid on a mobile phone and digital statements cost almost 4x less than a print statement—making them effective and cost-efficient.

As consumers continue to become bill payment omnivores—healthcare groups needs to keep pace by offering the ability to pay in-office and on mobile devices, using credit cards and checking accounts, over the phone and through the mail. PatientPay clients see collection rates 3x the industry average, while simplifying the entire billing process.

Ensuring the security of online patient payments is mission-critical to PatientPay and working with the First Data CardConnect ISV payment gateway is another way of secure payment processing to our specialty medical groups.

Digital statements are less costly and more effective than paper-based statements. However, there are times when print statements need to be used in the patient collections process. PatientPay will be supplement our current paper statement processing with access to First Data’s high-volume printing capabilities.

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