Earth Day

Earth Day 2018: When Paperless Billing also Helps the Earth

It's no surprise that with the increasing frequency of electronic communications--the demand for paper is declining. One place that has been slow to transition to electronic delivery is billing. Specifically healthcare billing.

At PatientPay we love that our work in reducing paper billing statements is consumer friendly and earth friendly.  Thats why today, Earth Day, we announce our recent donation to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) for restoration of the longleaf pine forests in the North Carolina Sandhills.

A single healthcare group that sends out 10,000 patient statements a month can save the equivalent of 32 acres of trees--each month--by moving to PatientPay paperless statements. That's the area equivalent to 24 football fields.

The Nature Conservancy has planted more than 1,000,000 longleaf seedings in the Sandhills.

And as we all embrace easy-to-implement solutions like paperless billing, those seedlings can live a long life without the fear of becoming a ream of paper.