Anesthesiology patient payment balances have tripled in the last few years and are a critical source of revenue for anesthesiology groups. 

And because anesthesiology patient billing and payment challenges are unique, we offer more than a generic solution. 

Unique Challenges for Anesthesiology Services

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Since most patients only meet with their anesthesiologist on the day of surgery, they are often unaware there is a separate charge for this service--and they may not even recognize the provider's name. PatientPay works with your central billing office or RCM company to provide bills that clearly state what a patient owes and why.

Anesthesiology Patient Payments

PatientPay is the only healthcare billing and payment company focused on specialists--like anesthesiology

  • Payments received on average in 14 days compared to industry averages of 90-120 days

  • Patient analytics, combined with your internal rules, create intelligent payment plans that are more likely to be paid

Ways to Improve Anesthesiology Patient Payments

Make Amount Due Crystal Clear (and Aligned with the EOB)

Patients who understand their charges pay more quickly and won't burden your staff with unnecessary communication. A simple and effective bill allows patients to understand what insurance has, or hasn't paid. It may seem simple, but designing a simple anesthesiology bill takes expertise and experience--just what PatientPay offers.

Email or Text

Patients of all ages and demographics are now comfortable providing email address and mobile phone number to healthcare providers. By having direct, timely access to patients--you can deliver a bill that will be seen and acted on. PatientPay finds 75% to 90% of phone numbers provided to medical groups are for mobile phones. Learn more about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

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The patient-provider relationship in anesthesiology is different than in many other specialties. Reduce your call volume, mailing, processing and reconciliation costs. And eliminate errors and post payments to the oldest balance due.

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Patient Payment Plans that Work

Flexible payment options meet internal guidelines and use data analytics to determine a patient's ability to pay--making for smarter payment plans that patients are more likely to comply with.

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Enhanced Patient Experience

The patient experience extends long after they leave the surgery center. Bills clearly state what they owe to your anesthesiology group and why--which helps to boost patient satisfaction scores.