Just completed the transaction. Emails were very easy to understand and the product was very easy to use. I really like the reminder feature.
— Barbara R., Hospital Patient

Exact Match with the Explanation of Benefits

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Patients who understand what they are being charged pay more quickly and won't burden your staff with unnecessary communication. PatientPay's statements match your charges line-by-line with their insurance carrier's Explanation of Benefits.

PatientPay answers patients' demands for an easy-to-use online bill pay solution that they can understand. Let patients pay you the way that is most convenient for them, and for over 70% of consumers, that way is online.


Perfect for Anesthesiology

Since most patients only meet the anesthesiologist on the day of their surgery they often are unaware that there is a separate charge for this service. PatientPay's bill outlines the charges line-by-line so the patient knows what they are being charged and by whom, so they can easily pay


Payment Plans that Work

Many patients can't afford to make full payment on their bill when it's due. When your office offers your patients payment plans, PatientPay will automatically deduct a fixed amount from their account every month. You don't need to send them a statement and they don't need to log on. Simple.


Enhanced Patient Experience

The patient experience extends long after they leave the hospital. Patients who understand their bill and recognize the charges report greater levels of satisfaction with their provider and the facility where they received treatment. PatientPay is a key component in helping your patients not only meet their financial obligations but feel good about doing it.


Greater Billing Efficiency

PatientPay automatically reconciles right into your software so there's no manual entry or errors. With the savings on paper, postage and processing our providers save up to 50% on each payment collected.


Increased Profitability

PatientPay lets you get bills out quicker so patients get them right away. And you get paid faster. Providers that use PatientPay get paid on average in less than 14 days, which is a tenth as long as a typical payment cycle of a paper bill.